The new American dream is to become an entrepreneur and build a business that fulfills your client’s needs and turns your dreams into the truth. Behind every successful business owner is a funding story and someone mentoring that entrepreneur towards success.


7 Figures Funding was founded by Leo Kanell, 14 years ago, he struggled to fund his first business and realized that funding was a massive obstacle for many new and small business owners.

After helping a few friends and family receive funding he started to realize a pattern existed for funding success, and it was already behind many of the most successful entrepreneurs like: Under Armour’s Kevin Plank, Google’s Larry Page, and Nike’s Phil Knight.

Now with tens of thousands of hours in business funding experience, Leo and his team have created a systematic approach to connect entrepreneurs with the best funding resources on the marketplace.

Leo and his teams are grateful to have helped thousands of entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses through funding, the only question is how much funding will you receive so you can build your dream business and life!


Leo & Gary Vaynerchuck

CEO of VaynerMedia & VaynerX

Leo & Russel Brunson

Accepting the 2 Comma Club Award
CEO of Click Funnels

Leo & Ray Higdon

Owner of The Higdon Group, & Author

Leo & Rudy Ruettiger

Motivational Speaker & The inspirational football film Rudy is based on him


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